Promotional Videos


When you have a new product or service or event you want everyone to know about it. A entertaining promotional video is the best chance of spreading your message far and wide.

Promotional Videos can also be used in the entertainment business – music videos, promo videos for bands, theatre, acting, comedy, opera, festivals and events.

  • Videos usually hold the attention of the customer longer than reading large amounts of text.
  • It takes longer to digest information when presented in text form than it does when presented graphically.
  • The important points you are trying to get across to your customer can get lost among large amounts of text.
  • It can form part of a social networking ad campaign, and increase visitors to your site via 3rd party sites like youtube.
  • A presence on youtube can increase your search rankings.

There is no excuse not to have video on your site.
If “a picture is worth a thousand words” think what a well crafted video can do for you – broadcasting from your website 24 hours a day to the world.

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